Socializing in Geneva

A multicultural city

Located in the centre of Europe, Geneva is a multicultural city. There are about 190 different nationalities in the canton’s population. If you are homesick, you will find various events or activities organized by expatriates, who gather regularly. Thanks to its colourful population, Geneva offers a warm home for expatriates.


Real estate in Geneva

The number of apartments available for rent is much lower than the number of requests. Finding accommodation takes a lot of time, but above all requires a great deal of reactivity. Apartments are rented out in a few days, or even a few hours. As a result, the visiting hours are not necessarily flexible, and are very often organized in groups. Therefore, being accompanied by a relocation agency allows you to help you in the creation of your file, to make the visits for you, which allows you not to miss any opportunity and to increase your chances with the agencies.

Useful platforms

Several platforms allow you to find activities, in order to meet people:

Cheap Geneva
The decadance
Color my geneva
Many expat groups or events are also available on Facebook.